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Sinch integrates the world's best software for lawyers and their clients. Sinch also develops customised database solutions.

Lawyers are big users of intellectual capital. The Sinch Precedent system illustrates the potential to quickly and easily reuse legal knowledge on a shared basis. Listed are thousands of papers and precedents available from legal book and software publishers as well as those supplied by fellow practitioners who are prepared to share their specialised intellectual effort.

The Legal Software Directory contains information on over 250 software packages for the legal profession.

Sinch TechBase answers all your questions on legal technology. Thousands of tips on how to keep ahead of client demands. The Sinch TechBase contains highlights of more than 5000 articles, product reviews and advice on crucial issues such as retaining the benefits of technology investment and strategically reengineering client relationship using computers.

Sinch and its consulting division have been widely acclaimed for their pioneering litigation support system. Our tools have been recognised as one of the world's most powerful and sophisticated systems.

About the Sinch Group.

The Sinch Group of companies is headed by lawyer Simon Lewis, one of Australia's pioneers of the use of technology in the legal world.

He has been helping the legal profession profit from its professionalism since 1985.

This has been via numerous seminars, articles and publications while consulting to some of the more progressive firms, government departments and corporate legal departments in Australia and overseas.

Although based in Sydney, we support clients from Malaysia and Singapore, and across Australia and New Zealand.
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