"Amicus did more than the others.
It was easier.
It was cheaper.
It was a no-brainer!"

Simon Taylor
Solicitor & IT Admin,
Shane Ellis Lawyer,
Gold Coast, Queensland

Amicus Attorney in Australia & New Zealand

Practice management software to organise the entire office and keep everyone pulling together. It is a comprehensive solution for managing all the information, people, schedules/diaries, communications, documents and more on each of your client files. Amicus Attorney works for all firms, from a sole practitioner or progressive lawyer or group within a large firm, to an entire firm with up to 500 users. It also integrates with Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, HotDocs, GhostFill, Visioneer Paperport, Worldox, Palm Pilot, Timeslips, PCLaw, Outlook, and others.

Hundreds of users in Australia and New Zealand, and 200,000 worldwide, profit from software, originally written by a solicitor from the the ground up as an integrated, customisable, and, most importantly, lawyer-friendly package.

Firms use it with accounting packages such as Locus, Perfect Balance, Sentry, Law Ledger, CMS Open and even MYOB. Thousands of local document precedents are available. Or you can use your own precedents along with matter workflows, and research materials, for a complete practice application in your particular specialty.

With options for keeping clients happy such as online access to the progress of their matters, and even web-based document assembly, you can out do some of the services offered by the largest firms.

To see why more lawyers choose Amicus Attorney than any other, and where your practice should be, do the web tour and maybe earn CLE points in the process!! We can also send you some more interactive multimedia tours, and arrange for a free 30 day trial of the software. Let us know if you want to speak to users near you, or come to an Amicus Attorney User meeting.

Local Support

Sinch can supply whatever level of support with Amicus Attorney that your firm desires. The support can be as little as simply selling the software all the way up to full installation, support, and training and anywhere in between. Full support consists of developing a plan of installation and implementation, customisation of the Amicus database, training all members of the firm to use the software, and follow-up question and answer sessions. Even after training is over, Sinch consultants are just a phone call away to assist with queries.

If you want to use IT to its full potential, our legal consultants can ensure you profit from improving the knowledge workflow inside your organisation, so that the firm thrives far in excess of the sum of its parts. If you don't have time to set up your own special documents, workflows and research guidance, for example, we can help. Together, we can improve the speed, power and accuracy of the words, clauses, phrases, forms, documents and check lists that drive your business from desktops to the web. Everything from leveraging staff resources with basic forms and precedents, to complete specialised practice systems, and online client facing legal service delivery systems.

Alternatively, for those whose practice involves more creative analysis and "one-off" documents, our training can show you how to dramatically improve your legal thinking skills, research, planning and drafting of complex documents.

Our services can consist of needs assesment, analysis and planning, construction and maintenance. This ensures we bring you the best blend of practice management, productivity tools and methodologies in the legal industry.

However, before you can consider offering advanced services such as real web services, you need to have in place a legal practice "infostructure" of computer systems, real practice management (ie "legal work" management), and effective staff utilisation. You can then quickly respond to increasing client requirements for online services, before they go elsewhere. A better idea is to be the first to offer them these services, but that's another story!

To find out more about how we can help you juggle client, financial, competitive and personal pressures during the interesting times ahead, contact Simon Lewis LL.B. at Sinch on +61 2 9718 4076.