"Tons of law firms are really interested in developing their own products, transacting online, and offering services much like the Legal Zooms and the Rocket Lawyers of today."

Allen Rodriguez, A Breath of Fresh Air: The 10 CodeX Stanford Legal Startups at LegalTech
9 Feb 2015


What is the purpose of conference?
What if I know nothing about Online Legal Services?

Who should attend?
Why Telephone Presentations?

Questions and Feedback

What is the purpose of the conference?

With the legal landscape being turned upside down by developments such the largest legal publisher taking over the largest legal outsourcing company, this conference will enable you get up to speed - fast. Our aim with the Conference is to expose attendees to the latest thinking and tools in the area of online legal services, enable you to benefit from the experience of the pioneers, and nudge along any tempted to rest on their laurels.

While you might not be able to keep up with all of the leading edge ideas presented to you right now, the opportunity to meet world leading colleagues in their field, as well as to have ongoing access to the Conference's podcasting, will allow you to swap notes and to continue to reap long-term benefits at this annual event. It will also give you the grounding necessary for providing documents and knowledge via the web, as some some clients are now starting to expect.

What if I know nothing about online legal service?

If you know very little about this new world order, grab this rare opportunity to learn from world leading speakers and local colleagues. By the end of the Conference, you will be up on the very latest developments, while hearing about the pitfalls to avoid from numerous case studies.
To ensure that you are comfortable with the basics, you could also read an article by Richard Granat here.
Andto get right up to date, be sure to watch 2 short interviews given by Professor Richard Susskind titled "Generals of the Revolution" here.

Who should attend?

Those who want to learn more and "push the envelope" in the online legal services sphere.

So, who should attend:

  • Inhouse lawyers inspired by Laura Owen's suggestions.
  • Managing Partners, and Group Practice Leaders from large and small firms, so they can provide inspiration and direction.
  • Practice Support Lawyers, Staff and Consultants so they can add to the services they offer.
  • Sole Practictioners so they can team up with consultants and other lawyers, and move much more quickly than their large firm colleagues.
  • The firm IT and Administrative staff, and consultants so they can support the lawyers who have the vision.
  • External IT consultants/suppliers.for small firms

Discounts are provided to additional people from the one firm to facilitate a wider understanding of the importance of IT to lawyers.


If a particular activity is relevant to your immediate or longer term professional development and practice of law, you can be entitled to claim one MCLE Unit for each hour of your actual attendance (not including breaks). With a planned 6 hours of seminars daily, it gives you the perfect solution for complying with your MCLE requirements.

Why Telephone Presentations?

It allows us to have leading-edge overseas and other speakers who would not otherwise be able to participate. As the OS-based speakers have commitments which preclude travel to Australia, the telephone presentations with locally driven slide shows/screen shots/demonstrations followed by live questions offer a great alternative.

Questions and Feedback

We invite you to suggest speakers, topics, or technologies you think we should explore or wish you knew more about. Who's the person you've always wanted to see speak? Who is doing groundbreaking work that we should feature? Drop us a line at, and tell us your suggestions (Remove the X from