"the legal profession ha[s] five years to reinvent itself from being legal advisers to legal technologists"

Prof @HoumanShadab

"... the most worthwhile professional seminar/conference I have attended ..."

Danielle Romaine
Law to Your Door

Why Attend

By attending, you will join an innovative community of lawyers and legal entrepreneurs. Converse with 25+ speakers who are embracing change; benefit from the "client revolution", and:

  • find out why at previous year's speakers have received large funding,
  • learn about improving client satisfaction with the latest in AI, process improvment, online matter tracking and client collaboration,
  • find out what is coming so you can plan for the changing legal landscape,
  • be shown the very latest in approaches to web-based document creation by clients from around the world,
  • learn about new solutions such as AI and next generation web sites,
  • understand the economics of the online world -- and how practising online is essential to improving the bottom line,
  • know how best to profit from online services, and avoid the traps,
  • see demonstrations of new tools for your online practice,
  • learn about online competitors and the resources available to help you launch online practices,
  • earn 6 MCLE units

2009 marked the beginning of a new era in the use of IT in legal practice, and virtual legal practices. But an incredible amount has happened just since the last Conference - the pace of innovation is, and needs to be, relentles, including:

  • the emergence of iPads and smartphones as a dominant UI,
  • explosion in social networking, and collaboration platforms,
  • the acceptance of "the cloud",
  • the arrival of real AI applications in law,
  • the feeding frenzy by non-lawyers on the 85% of legal work not done by lawyers.

Our speakers will discuss how the use of mature social networking, twitter, wikis, extranets, deal rooms, and other tools can make communicating with your clients, experts, and colleagues obligatory. These technologies are maturing at a time when there are major changes within the legal profession as new local and global legal service providers serve up unexpected competition.

With the interesting array of speakers presenting in rapid-fire sessions, the Conference will challenge your thinking and expand your network.